Welcome to Mobilemedics

Why we stand out

We think in systems and we understand how to tie all focal points together to give the best quality of care to our service users.

We understand the role of policy in getting things done.

We know the importance of impact finance on health and the importance of insurance compared to out of pocket spending.

We understand that health care has to be evidence based for the best quality.

We also understand the role of tech in the 21st century.

We always put these things in mind to create an amazing experience whenever our services are demanded, as well as use them to create great products for the people all the time.

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Our Services

We offer
services like;

  • Development of clinic prototypes+ models
  • Provision of health insurance
  • Development of electronic medical records
  • Policy development and advocacy
  • Provision of sustainable energy solutions for health facilities.
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We offer
services like;

  • Clinics
  • Community Outreach
  • Medical Escort/Evacuation
  • Mental Health Hub
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We deal in
supplies of;

  • Medical Consumables
  • Medical Equipments
  • Pharmaceuticals
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Providing healthcare solutions for all.